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This company advertise that they would repair the busted seams in our inflatable bounce houses. We were told to bring the items to their locations with is 175 miles away on Tuesday, and they would be repaired while we waited. After arriving we were told it would not be until Friday until units would be ready. We had no choice but to leave them a come back. He told us that he was going to go thru the units and make sure all seams we ok, and the unit would be 100% when we got it back. When we returned he also demaned a Cashier's Check, and need it right away so he could pay some bill he had to pay,

We paid the $1700.00 in repair's (it was way too much but what choice did we have), drove back to Greer SC to get our units. The patches were a little larger than inter tube patches on a bike tire. The first day of rental the first unit bused within 1-hour of use. The 2nd unit lasted 2 rentals. We called Trevor Schliesseit (owner), told him the problems we had, he told us to get them back to him. We shipped them Common Carrier to his location, after promising he would get them back out to us in a few days, 2-weeks later he sent an email telling us it was our fault, and he would not speak to us about the repair.

This crook did not even have the nerve to speak to us on the phone, and for us not to contact him again. So we are out the $1700.00 in repairs, but 2 days of travel, and common carrier charges both ways.

Do not do business with a company that cannot afford to pay it bills berfor he can start on your repairs, do not do business with this company at all.

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